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A performer from Upside Down Circus dressed as a mirror ball balancing on their hands while doing the splits

Developing Income

A&B Cymru is a vital catalyst for private sector investment in the arts. Each year, the charity levers over £1.5 million directly into the sector.

With its established and ever-developing network of partners, the team is in a strong position to encourage new and deepen existing investment in the arts across Wales.

We help the arts to diversify their income streams through the following key services:

  • Advice & Consultancy
  • Brokerage
  • CultureStep Investment Programme
  • Events & Networking
Image: Upside Down Circus at A&B Cymru Awards 

Advice & Consultancy

Tailored advice on all aspects of private sector fundraising, including consultancy on sponsorship proposals.


Invitations to submit proposals to deliver projects for A&B Cymru’s business members.

Click here to find out about the creative partnerships we’ve forged.

CultureStep Investment Programme

A&B Cymru invests cash into innovative partnerships of all kinds between business and the arts, enhancing projects and increasing their long-term effectiveness. 

CultureStep Investment Programme

Events & Networking

A wide range of events are hosted each year, advocating the benefit and impact of quality partnership, while showcasing the high calibre of the arts across Wales.

Our Events Programme