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Meet the Apprentices 2023-24

Idris Jones & Anthem Music Fund Wales Idris, who hails from Mid Wales, has a strong interest in Music, Events and Graphic Design and obtained an extended diploma in Art and Design at Hereford College of Arts. Most of his creative abilities are self-taught and so he is thrilled to begin his Apprenticeship with Anthem … Continued

Meet the Interns 2023-24

Karolina Birger & Hijinx Originally from Poland, Karolina graduated from the University of South Wales with a First in Photography. She undertook a Strand 1 internship with Cardiff & Vale Health Charity in 2022/23 and is delighted to have been selected for a Strand 2 placement.   Calum Glanville-Ellis & National Youth Arts Wales Calum … Continued

Blog 2023-24

Blog 5: Celeste Ingrams, SPAN Arts Being in this last stretch of the Internship has highlighted some of the brilliant infrastructure around the learning which I have been feeling particularly grateful for at this point in the process. Meeting with the other interns, Cal and Karolina earlier in the week was great to feel the … Continued