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Theatr Iolo & Mark Rhys-Jones, Foot Anstey

The Arts Organisation

Theatr Iolo

The Development Need

To recruit a Legal expert to the Board, to support the review of contracts and ongoing legal elements of the organisation.

The Adviser

Mark Rhys-Jones, Partner at Foot Anstey.

The Development Need

Mark wished to gain a different perspective. His professional roles had always involved providing legal advice to organisations, helping them to deal with strategy issues and problems. Through joining a Board, he wanted to be embedded in an organisation and experience those issues from the inside.

The Result

For Theatr Iolo:

  • Mark was integral to Theatr Iolo’s stability during a challenging period where the organisation was without two senior roles.
  • Full confidence in all legal documentation and contracts, and that requirements are being adhered to.
  • Mark took the lead on updating Theatr Iolo’s Memorandum of Articles, and helped the organisation navigate its preparation the ACW Investment Review and a major Capital Feasibility Study

For Mark:

  • Six years of experience as Vice Chair, and more recently, Chair, have led to highly developed leadership skills.
  • Being part of an organisation has allowed him to experience how legal / professional advice gets applied internally, which has helped to improve how he frames his advice to his clients.
  • Huge satisfaction and inspiration from working with a diverse membership of fellow Board members

The Endorsement

Mark has been integral to providing a stable and effective board with his professional expertise, particularly during a challenging period which meant that the board had to be much more hands on in the running of the organisation for a while. Mark also stepped up once again when we recently lost our Chair and has been taking the lead since the end of 2019. He leads the board and the staff team with a calm and professional manner, and is always on hand to provide the team and trustees with advice, support, and useful information along the way. He is essential to Theatr Iolo’s continued existence, hopes and dreams.

Michelle Perez, Theatr Iolo

My role as Vice Chair on the Board and more recently as Chair of Theatr Iolo has helped me to develop my leadership skills. It has been a new experience for me to directly understand how advice is applied by the company and has therefore helped to improve my perspective of how to frame that advice. In light of the fascination I have always had for the theatre and the pleasure my children had experienced watching Theatr Iolo performances whilst younger, the opportunity to join the company was perfect.

Mark Rhys-Jones, Foot Anstey