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Neuadd Ogwen & Sian Humpherson, Snowdonia Hospitality & Leisure

The Challenge

The Arts Organisation
Neuadd Ogwen is a community arts centre on Bethesda High Street. It provides a wide range of events to engage every section of society, including concerts, classes, plays, films, gigs and workshops.

The Development Need
Through Mentor Bank, Neuadd Ogwen’s Manager, Dilwyn Llwyd, wished to develop his strategic planning and leadership abilities.

The Adviser
Siân Humpherson, Group Business Development Manager at Snowdonia Hospitality & Leisure

The Development Need
Siân wished to develop her communication skills, specifically through the medium of Welsh, while also refining her own leadership and coaching skills.

The Results

For Dilwyn:

• Increased confidence in his abilities as a leader
• Developed ability to think strategically, enabling him to create a longer-term business plan for the organisation
• Personal validation and sounding board, helping his professional development

For Siân:

• Improved communication and developed active listening skills
• A greater understanding of another industry, bringing a more creative approach to thinking and problem-solving
• The opportunity for self-reflection through the relationship, validating her own devlopment and what she has learned from past experiences
• An increased network, meeting new people in different industries with different life experiences
• Increased motivation and enthusiasm for her own work, having taken a step outside of the sector

The Endorsement

The relationship with Siân has been a blessing. Working with her while we were closed during the pandemic allowed me to step back and assess what’s possible and to plan for the future. The experience that Siân has brought has been invaluable and increased my confidence as a leader. She has also given me the confidence to have faith in the direction I want to take the business, helping my professional development and the arts organisation.

Dilwyn Llwyd, Manager, Neuadd Ogwen

Initially the attraction to mentoring is about support and passing on knowledge to see others flourish. Getting the right match and defining expectations means mentoring can be a massive win-win for both parties. The obvious benefits are building upon and improving listening, leadership and coaching skills, and then there are the benefits which are far more subtle and reflective. When you expand self-awareness and practise active listening there are hidden perks which show up in other aspects of life. And lastly but definitely not least – we’ve all had mentors in life, be they formal or informal and it’s an honour to mentor someone else knowing they’ll also pass it forwards.

Siân Humpherson, Group Business Development Manager, Snowdonia Hospitality & Leisure