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Making Sense & Sharon Jones, Cartrefi Conwy

The Challenge

The Arts Organisation
Founder and Creative Director, Ticky Lowe, is the sole employee of Making Sense. Taking a bespoke, multi-sensory approach, the organisation works with museums, galleries and other public spaces in North Wales to make exhibitions and collections accessible to wider and more diverse audiences.

The Development Need
Through Skills Bank, Ticky wished to create a business plan and 3-year cashflow forecast as part of developing a robust strategy for the future growth of the organisation.

The Adviser
Sharon Jones, Director of Partnerships and Creating Enterprise at Cartrefi Conwy

The Development Need
Sharon wished to apply her knowledge of establishing social enterprises within the social housing sector to a creative organisation, while developing her coaching skills.

The Results

For Making Sense:

• A completed business plan and cashflow
• A clear articulation of what Making Sense’s aims and objectives are which can be used to engage with external stakeholders and potential partners and funders
• Understanding of the specific skills gaps within the organisation which need addressing

For Sharon:

• Satisfaction from applying knowledge from her day job to a smaller organisation and making a difference

The Endorsement

Working with Sharon has been an essential piece of work for Making Sense. Her honest and open approach helped me think from a more business-like perspective. Her expertise and love of cash flows was really helpful as it is the bit I try to avoid thinking about! Working with Sharon encouraged me to consider all aspects of the company in a level of detail – especially around finance – which would not have happened otherwise. I now have a business plan in a shareable format to show potential directors and funders. It has been really valuable I look forward to keeping in touch with Sharon.

Ticky Lowe, Founder, Making Sense CIC