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Impelo & Elwyn Davies, Spindogs

The Development Need

Elwyn wished to get involved with a Powys-based organisation following his recent relocation to the area. He also wished to share his previous governance experience and learn about how organisations in rural areas are managed.

The Result

For Impelo:

Elwyn’s online marketing experience fed into the new website and creation of an online shop which has proved to be an additional revenue stream
Ingrained a deep understanding within the Board and staff team of website management, the use of online applications to improve efficiency and communications, branding and marketing
Key input into creation of policy, procedure and operations, software, financial management, and HR issues during the transition period, saving expenditure on outsourcing expertise
Introductions to new contacts, partners and collaborators in the local area

For Elwyn:

Crucial insight into the differences between rural and urban organisations while he was setting up his own business
Association with Impelo has enabled Elwyn to access and develop a local network for his business
A deeper understanding of the landscape of Mid Wales, and a sense of pride in helping to safeguard artistic opportunities in the area
Great satisfaction and motivation from being exposed to the passion and enthusiasm of Impelo staff

The Endorsement

Elwyn’s experiences with setting up his own businesses were crucial to the success of our first 18 months as a charity, and he has no doubt saved us costly consultant fees! Elwyn encourages us all to be bold and forward-thinking in our approach. He has a wonderful energy that manages to combine ambition and vision with a laid-back amiableness. In helping the team to lay these solid foundations, Elwyn has enabled us to soar into our future, ready to meet the challenges of achieving our vision to get more people dancing.

Amanda Griffkin, Impelo

One of my concerns when relocating was that I would be come complacent without the pressure and collective accountability that a Board environment brings. We have a dynamic and diverse board and along with Amanda, they provide me with a sounding board that I wouldn’t otherwise have as a sole trader. In short, the ambitious strategy that we have put into motion at Impelo has aleviated any of these concerns and provide a stimulating break away from my day-to-day operations at PixelHaze.

Elwyn Davies