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Harmoni Cymru & Robin Tovey, Barclays Partner Finance

The Challenge

The Arts Organisation

Harmoni Cymru

The Development Need

Vicky, Chair of Harmoni Cymru, wished to create a strategic plan for the organisation, and develop her understanding of business development and planning.

The Adviser

Robin Tovey, Senior Strategy & Insight Manager, Barclays Partner Finance.

The Development Need

Robin wanted to apply his experience in a new industry, to test the adaptability of his knowledge and help a small organisation to grow. He also wished to further develop his coaching and mentoring skills.

The Results

For Vicky:

  • Greatly developed confidence in her role as Chair, and a range of strategy tools to enable her to continue to plan for the organisation’s future.
  • A more business-like style of pitching the organisation’s work and negotiating with funders resulting in key funding successes.
  • A greater awareness of the considerations involved in plans for business growth, both short and long term.
  • A comprehensive business plan for Harmoni Cymru and a clear strategy for growth.

For Robin:

  • Enhanced confidence in his coaching abilities.
  • Increased insight into the challenges faced by small arts organisations and a greater understanding of how his skills can be applied in a different sector.
  • Personal satisfaction from helping Vicky to develop in confidence and contributing to Harmoni Cymru’s sustainability.

The Endorsement

Robin’s business insight has proven invaluable in helping me to consider the financial value of the services we offer, and how to market our services to funders. This has led to the renewal of a project beyond its pilot phase by our main funder. Robin has also developed my awareness of the important aspects that need to be considered when developing the business and is able to talk about aspects of business and business tools in a way that is relatable and easy to understand. The mentorship ended with the creation of a completed business plan and a much clearer vision for the future, which would not have been possible without Robin’s support.

Vicky Guise, Harmoni Cymru

It has been a very enjoyable experience working with Vicky, it’s been very rewarding seeing how quickly and adeptly she was able to use the tools we had discussed to support the activities of Harmoni. Working with Vicky helped me to develop my own coaching skills and I look forward to future opportunities to continue to support others like her.

Robin Tovey, Senior Strategy & Insight Manager, Barclays Partner Finance.