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Gladstone’s Library & Jason Matischok, Salisburys

The Challenge

The Arts Organisation
Britain’s finest residential and only Prime Ministerial library, Gladstone’s Library in Flintshire is a place of dialogue and debate, It runs a writer in residence programme, courses and events throughout the year.

The Development Need
Annette Lewis, Development Manager, wished to improve her financial skills in order to better understand budgets and forecasting, as well as building her confidence in presenting them to stakeholders.

The Adviser
Jason Matischok, Director of Salisburys

The Development Need
Jason wished to give something back to an organisation serving the local community and gain exposure to new ways of working in a different sector.

The Results

For Gladstone’s Library:

• Increased understanding of financial management and improved confidence when dealing with budgets
• Improved financial systems resulting in better budgeting and forecasting
• Successful grant application for a major 3-year project, having prepared the financial plan with Jason’s guidance

For Jason:

• Developed coaching skills through transferring knowledge to Annette
• Experience of working in a different sector and greater appreciation of resources
• Great satisfaction from seeing the direct impact of his advice
• Personal enjoyment from learning about an historically important local resource

The Endorsement

Jason’s support has been invaluable in helping me prepare realistic budgets for specific events and giving me a better understanding of how they sit within the overall organisational picture. I can now work more confidently with spreadsheets, project budgets and the annual accounts. Jason demonstrated endless patience, with an ability to explain things clearly, calmly and reliably, attending our events and showing a genuine interest in the work of the Library. Participating in the scheme has benefitted my own professional development and that of the organisation.

Annette Lewis, Development Manager, Gladstone’s Library

At Salisburys, we are always looking to assist local organisations, particularly those in the charity and voluntary sector. I’ve discovered how an entirely different organisation operates, comparing and contrasting to other businesses and organisations, and gained a greater understanding of both the financial and operational workings of an historical library. As well as this, I have learned about a fantastic local resource and developed personal links with the library.

Jason Matischok, Director, Salisburys