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Elen Roberts, Dica & Sian Humpherson, Snowdonia Hospitality & Leisure

Mentor Bank

The Arts Organisation: Elen Roberts, Dica

Artist Elen Roberts runs Dica, an arts consultancy working in production, project management, research and communications.

The Challenge

Elen wished to re-define her brand and business direction and develop fresh ways of thinking. She also wished to extend her network and become more pro-active in developing and following up on leads.

The Adviser: Sian Humpherson, Snowdonia Hospitality & Leisure

Sian was keen to share her knowledge and collaborate with individuals working in a different field. She believes that cross-industry partnerships bring new ways of thinking and the discovery of unseen opportunities. Sian saw this as an opportunity for networking across sectors, as well as the chance to give something back.


The Results

For Dica

  • As a direct result of the Mentoring, Elen discovered new work opportunities and projects. Her networks have been widened and income increased.
  • Elen has become more proactive by writing and referring to her own personal mission statement.
  • Sian encouraged Elen to challenge norms, exploring new ways of working, adopting more critical thinking and reframing opportunities.
  • Elen was supported to develop a healthier work / life balance.
  • She was able to effectively establish boundaries with clients and communicate expectations more clearly.
  • The mentoring has ensured the longer term viability of Dica through establishing new contacts and different avenues such as Sell2Wales and other tendering opportunities.

For Sian

  • Sian gained personal development, through maintaining and extending her competence in coaching skills.
  • The mentoring gave Sian the opportunity for self-reflection. She also gained personal satisfaction through having a positive impact on someone’s career by passing on her knowledge.

The Endorsement

 Working with Sian was brilliant and has had a lasting effect on the way I approach work. She enabled me to stretch beyond my comfort zone and see things differently to make the most of opportunities, whilst thinking strategically about the direction of my future work. Elen Roberts, Dica

As a mentor offering inspiration, direction and new ideas is just the surface of what you do. Successful mentor relationships not only make you think about things and apply your expertise, but they also make you question things at a deeper level in the same way that art does. In turn you embed your own learning, and this deepens your mentorship & coaching practice. This is what working with Elen from Dica was like, it was a relationship which helped both of us grow. 

I had experienced the frustrations Elen was feeling early on in my career so to be able to pass on that learnt knowledge of how to navigate the feelings from the process was hugely rewarding.

Elen is a joy to work with and to see her journey in redefining and reframing some pre-conceived ideas as to what an arts practice should look like, to what her practice actually is, was truly joyous. Being matched through A&B Cymru’s Professional Development Programmes means getting the benefit of the teams’ knowledge in pairing the right people up together. 

The impact of mentoring means sometimes you really change lives. In this instance, Elen’s professional practice grew so much it redefined her business and I gained an even deeper understanding of my ability to mentor effectively, resulting in a great experience for both of us – Thank you Arts & Business Cymru!”Sian Humpherson, Snowdonia Hospitality & Leisure